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Sharif D
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Taking huge influences from film music, jazz, fusion, electronica, hip-hop, trip-hop, classical, deep house, some pop, Latin, French lounge, reggae and other groove based genres Sharif’s music takes on a multitude of emotion and range.

With the obvious dance and electronica influences he tries to integrate different musical elements and sounds into the (at times) melancholic and often funky mix of his music. The music most often doesn’t involve vocals leaving the work open to the individuals own conclusion (however this doesn’t mean that he’s not looking for singers to work with, quite the opposite).

Without having a set “style” his music varies depending on his current influences and his headspace at the time. Seduced by the earlier sounds of Massive Attack (“Protection”, album) Sharif found a deep fondness for the slightly more down-tempo, warm but darker edged sounds of the Bristol trio. Also fascinated by the mixture of acoustic and electronica/ sampled based music blended together. Sharif has played his music collectively with DJ Cutloose under the combined effort of Cut'n'D (aka DJ Cutloose and Sharif D) at a range of venues, (ie Uber, the Family and Rush lounge etc) gathering positive revues from punters.

Coming from a classical background (clarinet) and later moving onto the saxophone (i.e. jazz and improv) he primarily gigs as a saxophonist and sometimes keyboardist with a range of DJ’s around the local Brisbane circuit. Jamming to various dance and groove based style’s like house (i.e. deep, Latin, commercial and Electro), funk, hip-hop, soul, r’n’b, reggae, dub etc. Whatever comes into the mix he tries to accompany, harmonize, lead treating it as if it were a live group.


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