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Gavin Boyd
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Gavin Boyd has broken the mould of the typecast DJ. With an extensive background in Hip-Hop and armed with his incredible turntable abilities, Gavin has emerged from the stereotype as a diverse turntablist unafraid of attacking any genre. Gavin incorporates his incredible skills into each performance, taking a gig and turning it into an unforgettable display of talent.

Refusing to be immobilized in merely one genre, Gavin smoothly maneuvers through the many funk inspired movements destined to bolster the human soul, from Hip-Hop to R&B, Funk, Soul, Jazz, House, Dance Hall and Reggae. Armed with an eclectic record collection, Gavin refuses to take music at face value with his diversity allowing him to adapt to any atmosphere, something very rare in today's music scene.

Gavin Boyd's multiplicity as a DJ has garnered extraordinary respect from the industry and he continues to reign supreme as a leading DJ in Australia with a stellar cast of supports to his name.


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