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Freddy FlyFingaz
Artist Image A risqué concoction of well swung obese funk beats and tasty Dj cuts forms the outrageous bedlam that Freddy Flyfingaz brings to the turntables.

Amplifying crowds with his wild style cuts n scratches for a couple of decades now, Freddy Flyfingaz has gained a reputation as the ultimate festive party shaker. His audio visual performances are composed of a seamless collage of electro swing, ragga beats, vintage funk and old-skool hip hop synced with a projected backdrop of twisted animations and off the wall culture.

Flyfingaz at Peak Festival

Rocking it out at Peak Festival, Perisher. EPIC! times with Ghengis Tuan, Lord Snowden, Polly, French Butler, Brennan Smith, Sean, Taylor, Felicity Lawless, Allensworth, Crick Boue and heaps of killer peeps from the Gold Coast at The Man From Snowy River Hotel, Perisher, Snowy Mountains, Snowy Mountains.

Posted by Flyfingaz on Saturday, July 16, 2016
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