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Fisher Price
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Who is Fisher Price? He is a man. A man who loves music. From Nina to Objekt. Bowie through to Wu-Tang.

He still gets goosebumps from it most days. Can't begin to imagine how many hours he's spent absorbing it, playing it, collecting it, loving the absolute fuck out of it. Raised himself from the dirt many times thanks to its power. Like most of us.

So Fisher Price's sets reflect this deep, thick musical appreciation. Someone once described it as throwing forty genres through a woodchipper. Jazz, beats, soul, funk, disco, indie, dad-rock, dub, liquid, halftime, Hopefully most of which you haven't heard before. Or need to hear again. Or something.

It's a celebration of music.

15 years deep as a progressive selector with no intention of stopping anytime soon, FP will help you smile and nod if you let him do his thing.

It’s going to be a good summer.


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