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Deep Dreamer
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Deep Dreamer formed in 2006 (Otto Mitter and Lyndsay Fraser) encompasses the sounds of Nu Jazz, instrumental funk and smooth melodies to bring you a truly slick and deep musical experience.

With over 10 years experience in live performance with various projects traveling Australia, Otto and Lynds decided to join forces to pursue their love for producing Nu Jazz rhythms and styles. Within one month they had slotted themselves well into the 5 star hotel lounges (Marriott, Versace, Sheraton) and corporate scene with their slick brand of grooves.

After a few months of busy touring they expanded their range of sounds by adding session players, (keys, percussion, sax - Adam T, pictured) and instrumental funk classics to the mix and some smooth house numbers to cater for the larger venues and club scene.

Deep Dreamer is now working on their debut release “Sippin' in my slippers” due out the end of 2009 on Respect Music. Stay tuned for some slickness coming to you soon.


Head in the cloudZ from Deep Dreamer on Myspace.

Caribbean Suplex.mp3 from Deep Dreamer on Myspace.

Swingplicity from Deep Dreamer on Myspace.

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